web design


  • custom design and programming

    We do whole web sites, from programming to structure to design.

    We develop our own applications to suit exactly the needs of our clients with systems that provide fast, efficient and precise solutions.

    Some solutions we developed so far for our clients are:

    • Custom CMSContent Management System
    • Advanced photo gallery,
    • Newsletter,
    • Spam-protected contact forms.
  • templates and customization

    We have strong experience in customizing many popular tools, adding functionalities and designing aesthetic templates for them.

    In particular:

    • WordPress,
    • Movable Type,
    • DotClear,
    • MediaWiki,
    • PunBB,
    • PixelPost.
  • extras

    We can also offer you a range of services related to your new website:

    • Photos,
    • Visual identity,
    • Proofreading of your documents (French and English),
    • Translations (French to English and English to French).


  • norms

    Our websites are designed and programmed following the W3CWorld Wide Web Consortium's XHTMLeXtensible HyperText Markup Language and CSSCascading Style Sheets specifications.

    • valid XHTML
    • valid CSS
    • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
  • accessibility and compatibility

    Special care is given to accessiblity and browser compatibility. Accessibility includes in particular:

    • ensuring graceful degradation, which means checking that a page can still be read without background images or with javascript deactivated,
    • providing alternate text for images,
    • separating content, structure and layout.