• Institut Laissez-faire

  • Forum Wettbewerbspolitik

    Research on antitrust policies.
  • Center for Tax Competition

    Comments on tax competition from a Swiss perspective.
  • Medicine & Liberty

    Network of liberty oriented doctors
  • Liberales Institut

    Swiss think tank founded in 1979.
  • Institut Constant de Rebecque

    Swiss think tank.
  • Liberpedia

    The libertarian encyclopedia, in French and English.
  • Roch Custom

  • Petit écran

    Collaborative website: Reviews of movies and TV shows.
  • Jean-François Revel

    Website about the french academician Jean-François Revel and his works.
  • Alpes Compt'act

    Corporate website of Alpes Compt'act, an accountancy company.
  • Cabinet Gandelli

    Corporate website of chartered accountant Jean-Christophe Gandelli.
  • Sardanapale

    Political comments on current affairs.